My Dark Knight
By SleepyGal_40
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Carter Gordon is the 22 year old daughter of Captain James Gordon, of the Gotham City Police Department. She works at Wayne Enterprises as Bruce Wayne's personal assistant. She also knows his secret. That he is Batman. It is a secret that she plans to take with her to her grave. She is also hopelessly in love with her boss. But, living in Gotham City, her love life is on the back burner of things to worry about. She has lived in Gotham all her life, and has seen the worst the city had to offer. She thinks that there is nothing more that the city can do to shock her. Until now. When a new villain, calling himself "The Joker", shows up, she is put in more danger than she could ever dream of. Not only is she already in the spotlight as Bruce's personal assistant, she is also well know throughout the city as the Gordon's daughter, thus making her a prime target for the Joker's crimes. Will she survive her encounters with him? And will she and Bruce ever become closer than boss and assistant? ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- (A/N: Trigger Warning for mentions of violence and gore! If you've seen the Dark Knight movie, by Christopher Nolan, than you know how dark that movie is, and I tried to follow the line of the movie!)

Chapter One- Carter Gordon (Rewritten)

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My Dark K...
by SleepyGal_40