Just Us - A Nico Di...
By IceBurgs3000
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[Extremely Unedited] WARNING! Nico is bisexual in this story because I made it before Solangelo became a thing! Five years ago, Nico Di Angelo ran away, like usual. Everyone has been wondering how he has been, what he has been up to. In those five years when he was gone though, Percy and Annabeth have gotten married, Jason and Piper are going to be married, Frank is going to purpose to Hazel and Leo is still looking for Ogygia. So all in all, lots of things have happened. Now Nico is back and this time he has someone with him. [DISCLAIMER] Every character that is in this book belongs to Uncle Rick. I only own the storyline and my thoughts :P

Just Us - A Nico Di Angelo Fanfic

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Just Us...
by IceBurgs3000