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By Mixvella
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(Y/n) knows the truth. She knows what he is. What a monster he can, and could be. But it was too late for her to know, now she is trap. Trap inside a new home, a new country and a possessive husband. Now was the time, the time to strive for power. (y/n) is now on a mission to break free from her manipulative husband, and break free from the chains of guilt and weakness. While on the other hand, the two siblings are on the run for two things; Vengeance and love. Along the way of this tight journey will be betrayal, violence and pasts. Along the way, we would meet new people, but not all people we cross are friendly. Not all of them are good. And not all of them are entirely human. Will (y/n) break free from her emotions that makes her weak? Will she break free from her husband who had gave her nothing but hell? Or would she be the same and never to be seen and exist? Read now, the sequel of Cancer. All credits go to the rightful owner of the cover and the artworks that is contained inside. If you don't like your art to be reposted, please message me and I'll take it down asap.


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by Mixvella