I Need U
By foreverinfinite96
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|| C O M P L E T E D || Being the only child in his family doesn't mean he's a brat. He could have anything he wanted. New phone, new shoes, new clothes. He can buys it anytime he wants. But he didn't need it. All he needs are his friends. He has six bestfriend in total. Putting aside his status as the CEO's son, he went to a normal school with his normal friends. Though his friends are normal, doesn't mean they totally are. Picking at people, shoved them into their locker, asked them to do homeworks for them. Those are their hobbies at school. Known as the badass of the school, not only him, but his friends also, are quite popular with girls. Being the only child in her family makes her work harder. She couldn't have anything she wanted. Not even a brand new shirt. Lost her mother when she's still a child, she holds the responsibility to take care of her father, her one and only family member. He works days and nights but still couldn't afford to provide luxurious life for his daughter. She's an intelligent student with 3 digit IQ. She's known as the nerd of the school. She got bullied every single day. Her only friend always there to help her, until..... Highest rank #1 in richandpoor (7/10/19) #10 in schoolromance (1/10/19) #41 in bangtan (7/1/2020) #1 in btsfanfic (8/1/2020) #3 in btssuga (20/5/2020)

Author's Note

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I Need U
by foreverinfinite96