Letter to a lost lo...
By LetterToALostLove
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Two boys, forgotten memories that suddenly start coming back and thousands of rules broken in one night. What happens when these elements are mixed together? No one knows, because Tristan is the first one to dare and break the rules. But everyone knows that love can lead one to do crazy things. From the book: "«What will happen now?» whispered Florian, nervously clutching his necklace. Though he couldn't hear the answer because of the howling wind, he knew what Tristan had just said. "I don't know". And he could also sense Tristan's fear, which was his own. They were afraid to be parted again. So, they both started praying their Gods to give them more time as the wind continued to shout."

Prologue- Letter to a lost love

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Letter to...
by LetterToALostLove