Faces of Love
By FacesofLove
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The heart can perceive what the eyes cannot see. But i don't have a heart anymore. You took it away with you. I do not even know why am I still existing. This life, i wish i could stop breathing and be with you. I do not feel the pain anymore. I made myself a stone. You are my emotions and without you, i am less human. Sophia. Your name is the only reason to live. Then maybe after my timeframe I'll see you then. I never regret every moment we shared. The only thing I regret is, why did I allow you to wish like that. But then, i'd rather feel the pain of losing you than you, feel the pain of losing me. I'll never love again. Because that's the very thing you're afraid of. If i die ahead of you, you're afraid of loving someone else. I'll never love again. This I promise you. Till we meet again, my love. ~ Miguel Sandoval

Chapter 1 - Sparks Flies

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Faces of...
by FacesofLove