The Gentle Giant
By Midnighthunger
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I look down at the frail frame of the girl. I unlatched her cage and nudged her with my foot. It seems cruel, but the other trainers would have done much worse to see her ignoring their commands to rise. "Wake up, you're being moved", I say to her, crouching down and shaking her. She lies unmoving and a heaviness settles in my chest. I move her hair from her face and press my fingers to her neck, trying to find a pulse. I purse my lips, feeling the faint beating of her weak heart. I look at the girl, watching her struggle to push air in and out of her lungs. I can tell she is sick, and dying and I contemplate whether or not I should just go put her in the truck with the others, or take her to the doctor. The truth is, nothing good awaits her in the truck. She will be shipped off to some low lives for breeding. The only question was if it was crueler to go put her with the others, unconscious and barely holding on, or to take her to the doctor. I feel sick just thinking about it. She either dies here, or wish she would have. I can't turn a blind eye to her though, I can't stand and watch as the life leaves her. Perhaps she will be thankful for me saving her life. -------- Hazel. She's a pretty little thing, far too precious and fragile for the life she was born into. Having lived most of her life in a training facility, she knows little of the beauty of the world or the people in it. A punishment gone bad, forever mares her, leaving her with a permanent limp, impending her mobility and tarnishing the graceful image she is supposed to have as a highly trained sub. Axel. He's an average man with an abnormal size. He's a tough looking guy with a soft heart. He has a stereotype of being cruel and abusive as a Trainer, but the truth is, his job is just what pays him money. He's not the best man, he's done bad things, but perhaps he can redeem himself by saving a certain someone.

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The Gentl...
by Midnighthunger