LEGACIES [ sequel ]
By kyxlies
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- SEQUAL OF TWIN MATES - "Mirror, Mirror on the wall whose the fairest of them all?" "You are, My Queen." Angelo, Antonio, and Angela. Have been tight ever since there fathers passing. They've been told from right and wrong. There mother clarity, has created a barriers from the human world and supernatural. There secret is yet still hidden. But one day a human, trailed into the magic realm and made a bet with Riccardo. A deal. A deal that if a human was to find out about there powers the magic realm would fall and join forces with earth. One day Angela was venturing out, and with doing so she used her powers to create the season of spring. A boy, Zion fell into the enchanted trap. He was scared and stunned. Angela erased his memory but with doing that she created another space on earth. A place where both the human world and the supernatural world came together. With this panic guilt, everyone was evacuated and put into normal homes and started a normal life. It was up to the three twins to bring the supernatural realm back. But how are they supposed to do that without exposing there powers to the world? Let alone falling in love with a mundane... "You have the eyes of the beautiful grass Angela." "Antonio, no matter what you are I will always love you." "Angelo, please just look at me. This power you have, I want it."


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by kyxlies