The Halfdead Girl
By TheWarOnEntropy
  • Fantasy
  • adventure
  • darkfantasy
  • death
  • dystopian
  • fantasy
  • firstperson
  • grimdark
  • monsters
  • newadult
  • outlaw
  • outsider
  • psychological
  • rebellion
  • sciencefantasy
  • sciencefiction
  • scifi
  • swordfighting
  • telepathy
  • undiscovered
  • war
  • youngadult


In the southern tip of a war-torn kingdom, a boy comes of age without establishing the telepathic pairlink expected of his race. Dismissed by almost everyone as the village idiot, this one-brained boy seems destined to live as an outsider, a victim of prejudice in a two-brained world. When he finally decides to fight back, he discovers that his disability comes with compensations, and he initiates a chain of events that will set history on a new path. This will be a trilogy: The Halfwit Histories. Volume 1 (The Halfdead Girl, 39 chapters + Epilogue) is completely uploaded. Volume 2 (The Halflife of Trust) is approaching completion. It will be uploaded at a rate of one chapter per week, starting in November 2019.

Author's Note, Map

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The Halfd...
by TheWarOnEntropy