Less Than Perfect
By Beauty4evar
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He was lost. She was broken. He hid through his guilt. She smiled through her heartache. They were imperfectly perfect people. * * * * Kanza never expected much from life. She lived through the tragedy of losing her beloved, lived in silent fear of love, lived only to please Allah. Through her perfect mask, she created a viral YouTube channel, one that followed Muslim fashion and streaming games, two giant platforms. She didn't expect it to be popular, nor did she expect a secret admirer. A man of few words and the brother of her best friend leads her to a path of desire and decorum as the two play a game of cat and mouse. Little did Kanza know that two imperfect people were more than capable of being perfect together. (Book Three in the American Muslimah Trilogy, but can be read as a stand alone) •Cover by @IamSumayya•


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Less Than...
by Beauty4evar