A Second Chance At...
By Fenda3
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As far as Monica was concerned, men could not be trusted. Not with her body or her heart. She had foolishly done so in the past and had the emotional scars to prove it. Keeping men at bay, was her way of ensuring, that she wouldn't acquire any more. Yes, she felt lonely at times, but to Monica, loneliness was an upgrade from having experienced terror on a daily basis. The first time Paul laid eyes on the tall, coffee coloured beauty, he was absolutely smitten. She, unfortunately didn't seem too impressed with him and gave him the cold shoulder the very moment they met. Although Monica tried her hardest to avoid him, life had a funny way of constantly throwing them together, making it impossible for Paul to ignore the strong pull he felt towards her. SCT is the sequel to SCL, but can be read as a standalone! Copyright © 2019. All Rights Reserved. COVER: Edited by: @KimberlyTanithMarie Please note, that I do not own this picture! It belongs to the artist Selene Regener (Selenada). Disclaimer/ Trigger warning : This book is meant to be read by a mature audience! If you aren't 18+, or you are easily triggered by violence, assault, cursing etc. this is NOT the book for you! Please do not proceed to read this book if you can't handle mature content! Don't say I didn't warn you!!!

~ Chapter 1 ~

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A Second...
by Fenda3