Think About You (Iz...
By gunnsnrossesgirl
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Emily Bailey: troubled rockstar who moved to LA from Lafayette Indiana, to escape her disturbing past and chase her dreams of being a lead singer in her own rock band. What better place to get famous than on the Sunset Strip? She hasn't seen her older brother, William Bailey, in five years, but that changes one night in 1986. How will she handle seeing her brother again after he abandoned her in Indiana? And how will she deal with the boys of Guns N Roses; one of which is her secret ex lover. RATED R FOR: Violence Sexual situations Substance Abuse Explicit Language ***I DO NOT OWN GUNS N ROSES, OR ANY OF THE SONGS/ MEMBERS. SIMPLE MISCONCEPTIONS IS A MADE UP BAND, I DONT OWN ANY BANDS OR LYRICS WHAT SO EVER*** Best Rankings: #1 in Gunsnroses 2/10/21, 7/20/21, 8/11/21 #1 in IzzyStradlin 12/2/20, 9/9/21, 8/4/22 #1 in DuffMckagan 5/20 #1 in GnR 11/12/20 #1 in ClassicRock 2/5/21, 2/26/22, 12/5/22

Prologue: The Spring of 1980

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Think Abo...
by gunnsnrossesgirl