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"Mayla Stonehart died ten years ago, along with her Mother, Aisling Stonehart, known co-leader of the Circle and best friend of Jocelyn Fairchild." That's all facts that the Clave and every Institute in the world knows. What happens when it turns out that not only is Clary and Jocelyn Fairchild alive but they also bring back the daughter of the known villain? May had the assignment to protect Clary, she hid who she was for ten years, keeping everything she was hidden. On Clary's eighteenth birthday the two girls pump into a blond who is willing to do what it takes to protect Clary and find the Cup. May gets thrown back into the Shadow World and enjoys every second of it, making new friends and being herself. She's finally happy. That is until who she really is starts to haunt her and everything she thought she knew about herself starts to rot her from the inside. Leaving the girl drowning in shit she doesn't understand and family drama she didn't know she could be involved in. But she pushes it to the side to help her friends stop the most dangerous man in the world. because she's a warrior, she's meant to fight, nothing more, nothing less. Season One Alec Lightwood x OC Unedited I do not own the Shadowhunters series. I only own Mayla's character and plot. All rights to the amazing people who brought us such an awesome show.


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by dysphoricfeelings