Forbidden Boys: A R...
By EclairBooks
  • Paranormal
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  • interracial
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There's only one rule at the Academy of Sin: Don't kiss the boys. And that rule only applies to one person. Me. It's weird. Really weird. But it should be an easy enough thing to do, right? I mean, it's not like this new school's got a ton of hot guys chasing after me like I'm the answer to their all prayers. Oh wait. It totally does. Damn. If this keeps up, I'm going to get expelled. Or maybe I won't, because I think even some of the hot male teachers are in on it. Oh no. I should go to the only one I can trust: my best friend Seth. But he's suddenly acting strangely distant...or not distant enough. Even the bullies here are coming onto me like one forbidden kiss is the only way they can save their souls. This isn't going to end well. Or, maybe it will end exactly the way I want it to end. Because when a devil like Lucian hands you an apple, you want to take a bite.

Chapter 1

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by EclairBooks