To Love Hate
By khalesi_7
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[COMPLETED] Five years. It all began five years ago. The creatures our parents told us of in harmless stories, the ones that became a common catalyst for nightmares amongst young children, were real. The new world was plagued by monsters that took complete control over human life in a matter of months. Our failure to believe in the myths that our parents unknowingly warned us of became the fuel to our demise. Everything is different now. Now, humans live in poverty with the purpose of serving those deemed superior to us in a system designed purely to oppress. Now, life is about survival, everyday more dangerous than the last. Now, we belong to those who call themselves werewolves. Maeve Evans is luckier than most, with a roof over her head and a husband who would die to protect her. The harsh reality she has grown to accept shatters around her when she hears that one word. The word that seals her fate. Mate. ***** Disclaimer: mature content. HIGHEST RANKS #1 IN POSSESSIVE #1 IN APOCALYPSE #1 IN SURVIVAL


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To Love H...
by khalesi_7