A Yellow Flower wit...
By Simplicityiscute
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In a room full of lies, they thought running away from the past would hide their deceitful secret. *** Cindy Perez is a joyous person who loved her family dearly, especially her twin, Catherine. She never wanted to be a disobedient daughter nor the black sheep of their family. Until one unfaithful day, an incident ruined their happy life. Cindy's last smile to her parents wasn't a sunset. It was an eclipse, the last eclipse, noon dying away to the darkness where there would be no dawn, but there's always what we call a miracle. It's the new beginning of her life, a life full of lies. Her parents hid her true identity but the truth would always chase her. Does running away from the truth would save her? Impressive Ranking - #1 on #torpe - #19 on #beginning - #31 on #flower - #3 on #ruined - #201 on #red - #160 on #lovable - #159 on #amnesia - #424 on #goodgirl


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A Yellow...
by Simplicityiscute