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Butterfly Effekt! (The Rules will explain in the first chapter) you (reader) are Izuku Midoriya , you are quirles ,but you want to become a hero . One day you will be attacked by a slime monster . you almost died, but the most famous and best hero of all time saves you, to your luck . After you have talked to him a little bit, you are asking if you can still be a hero even though you don't have a quirk? The big muscular hero shakes his head ,,Sorry kid .... but sometimes dreams only stay dreams" He turned around and went his way . Your dreams are busted and you life your life sad on . The pain became so bad at some point that you go to the school roof . you start to climb over the railing . suddenly you only hear one too familiar voice. what would you do ? jump? or turn around? 9/10/19

The Rules

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