The Remastered Stor...
By KatarinaTheSaiyan
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This is a remastered version of my first DBZ fanfic titled "The Story of Katarina: The Saiyan Girl. This version will be a re-edited version of the story and will also include some bonus material from over the years. Enjoy the re-edit of Katarina's first story. Hi! My name is Akari, a Saiyan of Earth and the twin of Goku. Many things have happened ever since I learned I was a Saiyan. Like falling in love with a somewhat evil prince, Vegeta, beating up bad guys and then learning I have lots of potential to be the most powerful Saiyan female! Apparently, I am the only female Super Saiyan, according to Vegeta. Get ready for some jokes, serious matters, romance, and some plot twists. *Disclaimer: I do not own DBZ or it's characters, I only own my story plots and characters that are not in the original story . Original plot belongs to it's respected owner. I also don't own pictures and songs featured in this book. *

The Beginning

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The Remas...
by KatarinaTheSaiyan