The Siren (Marco th...
By MissJessicaClare
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Twisted in a world of truth and lies, danger lurks at every corner. One miss step and the marines will find out your true nature and who your loyalties truely lie with. Only one thing is certain in you life, your family and your bond with them desipite blood. The leader of that family being whitebeard, and as he offers a oppertunity abord his ship, lines become blurred, and love entangles into the mess that is your life. Author note: Thank you for taking the time to ready my selection of stories. I've had two concept for stories that has been playing in my mind for a while the first a Vinesmoke storry (inspired by the whole cake island ark) and the second being a Marco story. Both are random minnor character of one piece but I just thought the fitted with what I wanted to write. This is purley a new hobby as a distraction form my hectic life. As such I will try and update everyone 1-2 week but I'm trying to not make any promises also. While I do re-read and check my stories I'll apologise in advance for any spelling and grammar mistakes. Open to suggestions and requests so please feel free to contact me if you wish. Without further withdraw enjoys to you hearts content Disclaimer: This is a work of fiction. I give credit to One Piece created, Eiichiro Oda for any existing one piece charters, name, locations and themes arhat are his . All other of the names, characters, places and and events are either the products of the author's imagination or used in the fictious manner. This is expeically true for you the reader.

What Are You Doing In A Place Like This

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The Siren...
by MissJessicaClare