A Scar For Every Me...
By SaskiiMu
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"There's another mark! That's 3 scars in total. But that's all I've seen..." "Why don't you go ask him? He probably has more under his shirt and stuff!" Uraraka beamed at her friend, laughing as Midoriya blushed at the thought of seeing Todoroki naked. "I don't know.. The most I've seen on someone was at least 7 and that was from Kaminari. And plus, I haven't seen any others in the locker room! So that means--" "You watch Todoroki in the locker room?! Midoriya! That is unacceptable!!" "I DON'T WATCH HIM FOR THOSE REASONS!!" The freckled boy's face was a dark shade of red and he almost died out of embarrassment when Todoroki had sat down beside him. "Are you okay, Midoriya?" ... What if Midoriya did receive a quirk? A quirk that allows him to see an invisible scar on whoever he looks at. A scar that represents every time someone had been hurt and/or broken. Usually the people he comes in contact with only have 2-4 scars. However, there's a certain boy who seems to barely have any scars from where Midoriya could see. Curiosity gets the best of him and here he is, staring down at the sleeping boy with a determined expression on his face.


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A Scar Fo...
by SaskiiMu