Rise of the Guardia...
By lionheart_writer
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Coming March 6, 2020 When Luna Light discovers that her biggest fear is about to become reality-her old, superpower-stealing friend, Gunner Ellis, emerging from hiding to wreak havoc on the Earth- she must bring together the Guardian Alliance to help save the rest of the remaining meta-humans, before Gunner steals both their lives and their powers to use them for his own malicious intents. After locating a mysterious young woman and discovering the sheer danger and power within her, the Guardian Alliance must do everything within their power to protect her from Gunner. ____________________________________ The final installment in Part One of the Lionheart Superverse, Rise of the Guardian Alliance is the climax of the series, thus far. At long last, we finally get to see Luna Light team up with the likes of Mother Nature, Sick Shot, Emerald, Scarlet Armor, Roboman, and more in the fight of their lives against Black Plague. Everything has been leading to this story, and in Rise of the Guardian Alliance, readers will discover why this epic meeting of all these incredible heroes was destiny all along. ____________________________________ (Book #4 in the Lionheart Superverse) Coming March 6, 2020 #BewaretheBlackPlague


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Rise of t...
by lionheart_writer