Panic Room (BWWM)
By ElizabethDavis9
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Scarlett is the campus whore, she is seen as nothing more and nothing less a reputation that keeps following her. Since she has the body of a stripper it keeps the rumors alive around her. She never cared about them, she ignores the comments, and how she doesn't have friends. She ignores the look of disappointment on her parents face, and lonely feelings she gets. No one gave her a chance but her professor who knew she was to smart to flunk out of college and paired her with a smart boy. Liam isn't popular, but he fucked most girls on the campus even most of the freshmen girls. He cute, and his girlfriend knows that. He is blessed with good looks, but feel cursed with how smart he is. He's not a bad boy, but he's far from good and Scarlett is unlike anything he has ever seen, unlike any girl he ever met. Working with her is hard enough but founding out the person behind the silly rumor makes it hard for him to stay away from the only woman that doesn't want him.


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Panic Roo...
by ElizabethDavis9