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By Icefang11
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The web is mostly up for grabs, especially for hackers. White hat hackers are known for using their skills to help others and protect sensitive information on the internet. Grey hat hackers take hacking less seriously, using it as a fun hobby and to mess around with others. Black hat hackers are known to use it against others, they only want three things, money, power, and fame. Different agencies try to track down the more anonymous hackers, attempting to either hold it against them or figure out who they are. The most famous of the hackers are elitists, managing to evade these organizations and still doing their jobs as best as they can. Some even form groups in order to help each other out. One of these famous hackers, called 'AI' by their clients, is more of a mysterious lone wolf. They're known by most people who use the internet casually as well as the Underground Hacker Association. They've sparked many conspiracy theories, earning the nicknames "White shadow", "Grey Dragon", and "Black Fire". This is mostly because nobody can agree on where they fall on the hacker scale. They're cold and stern with the more mischievous internet users while being kindhearted towards others in need of help online. What happens when AI turns out to be something nobody expected? They meet the people they've needed the most their entire lives. -------------------------- This is platonic, I'm sorry but I'm tired of romance atm I'm sorry Haven't really seen much like this before either, kinda new fandom too. First published: July 24, 2019

Chapter 1 -The hacker-

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|No Hat H...
by Icefang11