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By -stxrryqueen
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It all started on a simple school day, same as always. Frisk had suddenly started feeling an emptiness inside of her that she couldn't explain, an emptiness that she didn't know how to fill. As the school day progresses she doesn't know where she belongs. School ends and Frisk is nowhere to be found. (Y/n) worries where her sister is as the days go by, her missing sister being gone for an unsettling 3 years. But as (y/n) realizes that her sister was found with the most life changing group of monsters and an unexpected girlfriend, everything gets better and better yet for both (y/n) and Frisk. -------------------- Hellu my jellies!~ welcome to my brand new story! I decided to write this because I had just gotten this good idea of a story I wanted to write. I'm not really interested in writing for my other book called Smoke and Mirrors :/ I didn't really write much in the chapters.,, it just seems like long chapters because I returned a lot and made small paragraphs. So I think I'm going to discontinue that story. I just hope you enjoy this story if I continue to make it :,,,) ENJOY♥️ -DISCLAIMERS- I do not own Undertale. This is just a version of the characters in the story. What I write belongs to me. Cover art made by @min-min-minnie, edited by me


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by -stxrryqueen