Without A Trace | ?...
By witheringnights
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❝I would burn for all eternity to feel your touch once more.❞ Lorenzo Castello, son of one of the most known mafia leaders in Italy, tried everything in his power to make no sure no blood was shed unless absolutely necessary. But after witnessing his younger brother murder five men in cold blood just because his father told him to do so, he realised just how messed up that whole situation and his family was. After a fatal fire that destroyed everything he ever cared about, he decided to leave Italy and everything that had to do with the mafia behind and booked the first aeroplane ticket he could find. A new identity meant a new beginning for him and so he was no longer Lorenzo Castello but Adam Harrison who worked at a cafe in the morning and at a bar at night to make ends meet. Everything was going on smoothly, just like he had predicted. Until she came along. *** completed & editing // a standalone novel copyright © 2019-2020 // all rights reserved


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Without A...
by witheringnights