Skywarden(on Hold)
By Jadedscar
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Will you go to the ends of the earth to save those you love? Daraki just wants to be left alone with his family, he doesn't want to fight, despite that being his job. However, when that which is closest to him is threatened, he has to get up on his two feet and face the demons that dwell. Including the ones within. Ereti loves nature more than anything and just needs to sit down in her greenery and dissect plants all the long. Learning remedies to illnesses and discovering the secrets of the earth. But as usual, nothing in her world goes how she wants it. Ani wants nothing more than to spend her days hunting and weaving clothes, but her father and the entire family have other plans for her future. Marriage plans. And at that point, the thunder that shakes the sky is the least of his problems. Nungo is tired of working for less than nothing to and being a slave to the nobles but as push comes to shove, he realizes he is becoming the very things he dreads. With courts where lies are spun into fairy dust, kings with hearts of greed and talk of the news of an ancient evil returning, bringing armies with it. What will they do even the sky comes calling? Follow a warrior with a heart, a queen without a crown, a girl who fights for life and one seemingly insignificant boy. Four lives, all disconnected and all from different worlds. All in a quest to save those they love. And themselves. Cover by me

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by Jadedscar