More than a student
By SgWB124
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Kara Danvers is just an 18 year old student. Lena Luthor is just a 20 year old science teacher, who happens to be working at the same school. Kara loathes Miss Luthor, mainly because she gets given extra homework from her. But other than that, she doesn't really know why. Kara swears that Miss Luthor hates her, but the only reason she gives her extra homework is because Kara is exceptional at science. But because of this, Kara hates science. That all changes as the blonde falls for her science teacher after she helps her get over a break up... This is Supercorp and Sanvers but mainly Supercorp. This story takes place at Midvale high school in Kara's last year. It's not the beginning of the school year, but in the middle.

Science class

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More than...
by SgWB124