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First of all, you gotta admit, my titling skills are A+ worthy. Second of all, this will contain spoilers for the entire series, mainly V3 because they're my main cast here. This will include ships and some head canons I personally have, but hopefully they don't dictate the story too much, but I hope you respect my choices here. Anyways, as for the story itself, this takes place in a VR/Hope's Peak Academy AU where everyone is alive. However, not everyone is awake at the beginning of the fic, so some people will be absent until after a few chapters chapters. Since this is beyond what I'm used to as far as writing goes, I will be adding written scenes, as well as a plot (w o w .) All the characters, including those from THH and GD are in their first year and similar ages, that way we can have the same cast for all three years. Also, if you see parallels between the canon series, it is probably intentional. Kiibo is also human, but that will be mentioned in the story in case you didn't read the description. Thanks for reading and I hope you enjoy! And, in case you were wondering, here are my V3 ships. Please be respectful of them: -Oumasai -Irumatsu -Harukaito (I believe this is the only straight ship here, but don't mind that...) -Kiibo X Amami/Amamiibo (not very popular, I know, but I have head canons for it that I find cute...) -Tenmiko -Goshi -Shironaga SPOILERS FOR SHIPS Haurkaito does break up later on. Their final relationships are: -Momoguuji/Shinguuji X Momota (Another rare pair, I know, but I find them super cute.) -Kirumaki


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