Complex Intimacy [M...
By no_cap
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{ONGOING} When Alexander Kamikaze puts a man in a coma after sticking up for his younger sister, he has to face charges that could alter his life forever. However, Ezekial Rodriguez comes to the rescue after witnessing the altercation and believes that Alex shouldn't be held accountable for defending his family. And even though Alexander's bad habit of pushing people away inhibits Ezekial's countless attempts of helping the younger, he won't stop until justice is served and Alex is on his knees below him. On the other hand, there is Eliot Coe, a quiet and shy undiscovered submissive who secretly longs to be dominated. Fortunately, Ezekial happens to waltz into the cafe where Eliot works, demanding to be served. What happens when Alexander, an egotistical and hardheaded blonde is forced to work with his savior, Ezekial. And what will come of Eliot, the obedient and shy submissive who longs to be dominated by him also. Follow these three young men as they're all pulled together by fate itself. ___


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Complex I...
by no_cap