A year to remember...
By Katiass
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Leah Allen is an ordinary girl from Liverpool who just cant deal with the fact that shes dating THE Niall Horan. His solo career since 1D broke up is going so great, that one day he convinces her to do a duet with him. The song brings a surprise and before you know it Leah Allen becomes Leah Horan. Of course they have their ups and downs but thats what friends are for. Elena is Leah's childhood friend and Harry, well we already know how close Hazza and Niall are. But who would've thought there was a spark between Elena and Harry. After a few months Leah meets Ed, Selena, Justin and a lot of other celebreties. Maybe one of them wants to help her with singing? Maybe she'll become a singer herself? But the most important question... Are Niall and Leah meant to be, or is this relationship sentenced to death? Start reading and find out! ;)

I'f I'm louder, would you see me?

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A year to...
by Katiass