I'm not crazy. I'm...
By CrazyCranberry
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She was cunning, she was clever, she was untouchable. She was one to be feared, she herself, was fearless. During the war, she was their silent assassin. Their spy. Their savior. But now, the war is over. There is no need for Specials. There is no need for this girl any longer. The girl that was more constantly referred to as a weapon, rather than a human being. Of course, there were others just like her. Though they had become "De-specialized" after the war. They lost their cunning. Their cleverness. Their Specialness. And now? Now, they were average. One procedure, one day, and now they were weak. Useless. But not the girl. She had decided to stay the way she was, the way they had made her. The way they had constructed her. "You cannot stay in society they way you are now," they told her. She was still hostile. Still clever. Still deadly. She needed to learn control. But where? The government did not want her; did not need her. She waited for months on end as they searched for the perfect place to hide their little experiment from the eyes of the prying world. 8 months passed by the time they finally found it. Arkham asylum, located directly near a crime riddled city by the name of Gotham. No one would believe the crazies if they happened to witness what she was capable of. No one would question the increase in deaths if she happened to escape. She was shipped off the next morning. Ready or not, here she comes. *UNDER EDITING* (This story happens after The Dark Knight, while Joker is in the asylum. There will be appearances from Scarecrow, Riddler, Catwoman, etc. The main character is supposed to originate from The Uglies Trilogy by Scott Westerfield. So this is a mixed fan fiction. Nothing will come from The Uglies Trilogy except her physical characteristics. I own nothing except my original character and the plot). (Beautiful cover art by invisiblyinked) :D

Chapter 1

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I'm not c...
by CrazyCranberry