Big Girl Luna(Inter...
By Ladybugpinkz
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16 years old Jasmine, have been born a big girl all her life. But that didn't affect her in no way, since she always love her body and didn't care what anybody said. But her life change when, the queen bitch in 8 grade grab her diary and read it out in front of the whole class. Even the part that she have a crush on Blake Jonas, who is the popular boy at her school and the cutest too. So imagine how that turn out? 2 years pass and Jasmine is still herself, but now she is very insecure of her body. Still seeing the queen bitch, who is now going out with Blake Jonas isn't that some shit? Jasmine still get bullied and have family problems at home, but she never thought that the new teacher would be interested into her. William is 26 years old, and is the Alpha of his white moon pack. He gave up on finding a mate, and taking her place as Luna. Even though he is a wolf, he still have a life which is in the human environment. He is a teacher who teach English, so when he see the beautiful African- American girl sit in his class he couldn't help but reach out for her. But she a human, well that didn't stop him. He will have her as his mate and the Luna that everyone waiting for.

Chapter One

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Big Girl...
by Ladybugpinkz