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One the day Izuku was discovered quirkless he and his mother were disowned and kicked to the curb, but what if he wasn't and had one of the most powerful quirks in existents? With his family gone, Izuku had started his new life with his mother the only person he had left and one of his greatest supporters. During this time Izuku had found his love of music, his only escape and not just his, his new friends too!! Izuku is putting his back life together one piece at a time, but life isn't always fair. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Okay, I want to give you a heads up this story is going to be all over the place. I am most likely going to skip some big moments from the manga and anime so sorry about that. I'm not going to have an update schedule, because of life being bussy and a mess. Feel free to give me ideas because I will need help. I have a rough idea of the story and parts I want in it so some stuff might seem sudden or weird and again I apologize. I don't own MHA characters, I only the name of the band, the name Heikin (jsyk the last name came from google translate of the word 'mean' because they are, and I need to be able to spell it easily on my keyboard.


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by Dolphinwerewolf403