Etched, Engraved, E...
By -fromthehallows
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When at last I thought I had him forever, he slipped through my fingers again. When at last I thought I could find that ray of sunshine in the sudden storm, it disappeared behind even darker storm clouds. There was no way I could continue chasing the missing link when others were broken--and all because of her. She turned my life upside down, and didn't even have the heart to admit it. The only solace in her disappearance is that my younger sister, just entering Hogwarts for the first time, wouldn't have to experience what I did before. But things only got worse from there. And little did I know just what would lie in store for not only me, but my friends, my siblings, and everyone I loved. --- The present, etching itself in the stone to become an engraving of history, everlasting for as long as humanity reigned. What history would my sixth year at Hogwarts bring me?


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Etched, E...
by -fromthehallows