Total Deception
By WorldofPedz
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His turd coloured eyes glistened with mischief, "Don't be lazy. You're an I.R.R member. Now use those bending powers and get me my damn mint mocha!" My brothers are out saving lives, and me? Well, I'm stuck with this crappy internship and a man who believes he can control me. International Rapid Responders or I.R.R are the last remaining benders on planet earth. They use their bending to rescue those who cannot save themselves. Oh and the Avatar? Well, that is just a bedtime story for children and a myth long forgotten. Based on Avatar/Legend of Korra and Thunderbirds Are Go. Set in the modern-day world All rights to the characters, events, places and storyline/plot belong to WorldofPedz. Copying this story means you have breached Wattpad's rules. Started 18 July 2019. Ongoing.

1, Eyes like turds.

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Total Dec...
by WorldofPedz