dewdrops// taekook
By Brilynalololol
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For an outsider, it would seem that Jungkook was happiest and bubbliest human on earth and that he was. He was the dewy moist crystals on solemn leaves...beautiful but melancholic. He always thought that the fact that everyone whom he loved left him because of his past...but was he oh so wrong when a buff yet fluffy, shady yet peachy and 'not that much of an asshole' savior came in his life... And what if later, he realizes that there's not just so much to his life. Maybe his life held the key to the unsolved mysteries of untold truths. Will he be able to figure out the cause for his existence? And in all the turmoil, how will he save his love, Taehyung? Would Taehyung just end it with him when he'll come to know about the deep secrets that Jungkook's life held or the will those unleash secrets become a journey on which they lead hand-in-hand, and get bonded by their souls? read the story to find out!!! Started: 18/07/2019

Prologue pt.1

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by Brilynalololol