Tick Tock [ Superco...
By BechloeSendrick05
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"Tick Tock Kara, don't make me expose you and then kill you both so Lena dies broken hearted." Lex circled around the lead filled room with a devilish smirk on his face, he didn't use kryptonite on purpose. Kara gritted her teeth, she could easily rip off the extra hard metal handcuffs placed around her wrists. She saw Lena on the opposite side of the room, looking confused, struggling and trying to break free. The timer placed on one of the walls in the room slowly, second by second, decreased. Time was running out. Lex walked away and out of the room smugly, knowing he had done his work. Kara would have to expose her identity to escape the room. Tick Tock, Kara. Tick. Tock. ---- Set in the time where Ruby and Sam are introduced, except there is no Reign. Lex gets an early redemption arc.

1 - Into The Water

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Tick Tock...
by BechloeSendrick05