Wolverton Falls
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This is no ordinary fairytale. Moving to a new town for a fresh start, reunited with her brother, was supposed to be a good idea. But when Maggie Lucins senses something evil within a strange man, receives visits from abnormally large wolves and dangerously amorous feelings for unlikely saviours; she certainly second guessed the decision. Maggie will face the inexplicable horrors that Wolverton Falls has to offer. From feral wolves, mysterious new allies, an obsessive monster and unsuspecting predators that have followed her from her own past. But the worst of Wolverton Falls has yet to come. It's secrets is only a small sliver of the unknown universe that has lurked in the shadows for more than a millennia -- and Maggie has landed herself right in the middle of it all. ▹ "I will own every breath you take, every beat of your racing heart and every inch of your human body until you break." ▹ STATUS / ONGOING ROMANCE / FANTASY

Welcome to Wolverton Falls

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