Fairy Tail School o...
By BobaBunnies
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(WARNING: THIS IS MY OLD UNDETAILED WRITING. READ AT YOUR OWN RISK) I don't want to live like this. My mother, the one who loved me most, is dead. My father is an alcoholic. He beats me after getting drunk on seven bottles of beer almost every day. When will I get out of here? Before I knew it, my life takes a turn. Fairy Tail School of Music. Small trigger warning: child abuse, death, mild mention of depression, mention of suicide, and alcohol use (nothing graphic, but I thought I should put that there) *All characters belong to Hiro Mashima. I do not own the art used in the cover. None of the music or videos used in the story are mine* (Please note: this book is heavy in classical music, so I'm sorry if you're not a fan of classical music) I wanted to combine two things that I love: Fairy Tail and music. I've done orchestra and choir, but never band. I apologize for my lack of knowledge for band. This is mainly a NaLu fanfic, but involves a little bit of other ships too. Highest ranking: #3 in nalu!! (10/25/19)💕

Chapter 1

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Fairy Tai...
by BobaBunnies