Romance One Shots
By maddsymae
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These are just little one or two chapters of cute ideas I have or dreams that I think are just adorable. My head finds these amazing ideas and love stories but I'm not inventive enough to write an entire book about them yet so this is where I shall put them!!! I decided it would be easier to just type a random name for the guy in my imagines so this character will be named Jay and you guys can picture him however you want. I also might write the story using my name (Maddy) as the name of the girl (you can just input your name if you want, I just didn't want to have to type Y/N all the time). Comment on any chapter if you would like me to continue it. I could probably continue a lot of these or go into more detail I just didn't really think about it when I wrote them. WARNING: these are sometimes so cliche that I face palm a little bit but everyone needs a little bit of fairytale in their lives so I'm just gonna continue being a hopeless romantic. :D There will also not be any smut. Mostly just kissing and cuddling stuff. My little sister loves to read these and I'd rather not worry about ruining her innocence this early :)

I Promise {1}

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Romance O...
by maddsymae