Her Bloody Rose
By MischievousMuses2931
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Faith's once pristine schoolgirl uniform were stained with a myriad of red hues. Blood spurted forth from her lips like water from a fountain. Faith's throat had been torn asunder. "E-Ezara, he's got the others. Hurry!" The sheer terror in the mortally wounded witch's words, had the vampire clutching her rose even tighter against her chest. "If you think I'm leaving you behind, you're out of your little witchy mind. We'll save the others and make him pay for this, my bloody rose." When Faith Collins' childhood friend, Kyle Johnson, gets sent to a boarding school for the best and brightest students in the nation, she can't help but worry. Especially considering that Spero Academy houses both human and supernatural students, something they've been trained to fight against since their monster-hunting parents first adopted them. She can feel the fear in his bones as if it were her own, and she knows that if she doesn't convince her parents to enroll her at Spero, her dreams of a cold grave marker with Kyle's name on it will be more than a nightmare. It will be a reality. But upon her arrival, her cover as a human student get blown to smitheries, placing a target on her back. Because soon, witches all over the school start coming up missing, and all signs point to Ezara Rose, an ethereally beautiful vampire who hides her dark origins behind a veil of sexual innuendo and her Queen Bee status. Neither can ignore the attraction brewing between them any more than they can deny that giving in might cause Faith's demise. And as bodies start piling up like breadcrumbs, Faith knows that she must follow them if she wants to save herself and find out what really happened to Kyle that night.

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Her Blood...
by MischievousMuses2931