A Brazen Maiden (#1...
By StephRose1201
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**THE BRAZEN SERIES is part of the GOLDEN UNIVERSE** ♦NOT MANDATORY, but I recommend that readers check out the GOLDEN novels to better understand this story.♦ Harriet, the daughter of a nobleman of ill-repute, has thwarted insults and gossip all her life. And as she reaches her final year at the Totresian Royal Academy for Noble Girls, the mockeries intensify, worsening her already fragile self-esteem. She fears for her future out in the world--would anyone tolerate being in the presence of a girl as unloved as she? Navigating the Academy halls is hard, as she well knows; and as a "sponsorship" student, she struggles to fit in, with few friends and fewer allies. Rumors sprout up easily, and though she's familiar with the tricks to avoid them, she'll find them often falling in her lap. All she really wants is to steer clear of her father's schemes, and never turn out to be as rotten as he is--but is that possible for a girl carrying the dreadful weight of the Thatcher legacy? • BOOK ONE in the BRAZEN series • Readers of the GOLDEN books will recognize Harriet, a side character with spunk, strawberry curls, and secrets. Consider this a sort of prequel, wedged between THE GOLDEN FLOWER and THE GOLDEN GIRL. •


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A Brazen...
by StephRose1201