Reborn as the 'stup...
By daridaridae
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After being hit by a bus, everything went black. All I could remember was the bright sun, shining on me and the big buildings. My body felt numb...for a second. I felt life back in me again. Then I started to see these memories? It's not mine but someone else. I felt like I was watching a series! I freaked out when the memories showed the poor bullied girl, on the floor, slapping herself, saying 'Bad! Bad!' while the other girl which was her sister, laughed at her. I was about to shout in anger until I saw a person in a white dress. Omg, it's the bullied girl I watched!! What's she doing here..? She stopped in front of me and held out her hand, signaling me to hand out my hand. I held out my hand, unconsciously. She dropped the item in my hand and sweetly smiled at me. Confused, before I can call out to her, something pulled me...! My own story!!! No copyright!! I don't own the pictures. ENJOY THIS MESS.

New book!

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Reborn as...
by daridaridae