My Crush, Should I...
By lion0062
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'Why always second lead male getting hurt after he done everything to protect the heroine? 'It's not fair. I'm going to save you dear second hero. Heh, As if i can get into another world. What a joke!' "Hmmm. Interesting. Do you want to play games with me?" A voice can be heard in my room. "Who's it?" "I'm just a gamer that want to play with you. Are you interested to play a game names as *Save him*?" The voice says "Sure, but what kind of games is it?" i asked, curiousity hit me. "The game is about *you* who have to save the second lead from getting hurt from female lead" its said "What kind of hurt?" i ask again to the gamer. "Broken heart" it says "So do you interested to play?" "Of course" "Okay let's start."

Should I play with him?

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My Crush...
by lion0062