X-Potter and the Ol...
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It is the fourth year of Hogwarts for Draco and Peter Malfoy, and their friend group of misfits. The Tri-Wizard Tournament is announced, however Dumbledore announces a twist. Instead of simply wizard schools, two other schools from two other "worlds" are partaking in the tournament. The next month, the "schools" come. The first of the schools is none other than Xavier's School for Gifted Youngsters, but the other is not a school but a camp. Camp Half-Blood. A week later, the people to partake in the tournament, or champions, are announced; Harry Potter from Hogwarts, Percy Jackson from Camp Half-Blood, and Logan Howlett from Xavier's. Everything goes smoothly for the most part, with Wade falling in love with a boy from Xavier's (Peter Stark), until the night after the Yule Ball. A scream from the Hufflepuff female dormitory wakes up the castle. It is revealed that a young mutant by the name of Yukio had a nightmare about Peter Stark going missing and being killed. Everyone plays it off as it was only a nightmare. But then, in the span of a week, the demigods start having the same nightmare. The castle is shaken up, but nobody acts on it. Until three days before the next trial, Peter Stark is announced missing. The schools, or at least some people from the schools, must join forces and find Peter Stark before it is too late.

Chapter One: Back to School! Kill Me Now.

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by -fulltime_daydreamer