The Cupid
By whoscountinganyway
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Sequel to The Devil #2 OF THE WOLF PACK SERIES "I'm sorry I can't, I can't love you like that. You're my best friend. Xander you're my best friend, please. Please tell me we can get through this. I love you, I do. I'm just not in love with you." Celeste pleads with me, grabbing onto my biceps. "Of course." I choke out. Smiling through the pain. Practice makes perfect. "Of course we can get through this. We're best friends, that's it. Just forget this even happened. You're Cupid. And when has Cupid ever shot himself?" I quip, staring down at the girl I'm in love with. Her green eyes mock me, the tears telling me I'll never be good enough and the words that caused them proving it. But Celeste is my best friend. And that's all she'll ever be. "Hey don't worry." I can only hope my smile fools her, as hope lights up her face. "You just successfully pulled out your arrow. Let's go back to mine, Elle just got home." "They discharged her already?" At her shocked tone I celebrate that I changed the topic with ease and nod. "Then we should go. I want to make sure she's okay now?" Okay now? My little sister was kidnapped and hurt. I don't think anyone in my family will ever be okay again. Including me.


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The Cupid
by whoscountinganyway