Zorgiruth : Guardia...
By Lady-Reine
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Peace ? Love ? Harmony ..... happiness for eternity ? Or Destruction .... Misery and Corruption ... Could there be no happy endings ? Life isn't so tender and pure as it seems ... at least sometimes life could be so magical and enchanted just like Zorgiruth , a land of all wonders stranded in space in the form of a planet . Little do most humans know about it 's mere existence let alone the great secret that planet possesses : whereas a different lifeform exists there known as the zorgans and are also known among other planets as ''The Guardians of Earth''. Such civilization has existed for millions of years awaiting the faithful day when the child of prophecy will be born to bring peace and restore harmony to existence protecting it from all harm especially from the hands of the Darkness Overlord . Disclaimer : I don't own the pictures used in the story or the cover but the cover and some of the pictures are edited by me so please support the original owner .


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by Lady-Reine