Queen Of Wolves
By AstralWolfWriter
  • Werewolf
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  • elf
  • king
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Autumn is the definition of innocent. The twenty-four year old lived alone with three dogs. She lived with no other people for one simple reason: She was different from everyone else. Yeah, everyone is different, but if everyone's differences had a rank, hers would be elite. Her blood is rare, considering it's the silver blood of a hybrid. Autumn was the daughter of an elf and a werewolf, which was extremely rare. Hybrids are a dying breed, and according to what she hears, she's one of the only ones. Then, while walking to get more paint supplies, she notices something off about the scent and aura of the city... It reeked of power and dominance. The King had arrived, and the thought of him didn't scare her. It made her curiosity pique. She didn't seek him out, though. She made a mental note that he was here, however. What she didn't expect was that he had come to take her away from the only life she's known....


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Queen Of...
by AstralWolfWriter