A Dangerous Woman
By Gal77777
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A beautiful woman is dangerous woman. Blaise is a dangerous woman, made that way through tragedy and the experience that comes from a life in the Mafia. Aidan is a reckless and anger fuelled heir to the Italian Mafia, who has already crossed paths once with Blaise. What happens when they cross paths once again? I smiled. "Did I hurt big bad Aidan?" I stated hiding my English accent by putting on an American one. He quickly recovered from his shock, "You speak as if you know me, why?" One of the two men that I could not recognise, spoke, "Not to mention, she would have killed you, if it wasn't for Luca!" He finished with a loud, bellyaching laugh. Aidan let a slight amused grin touch his lips before he became emotionless once more. He turned to me, "So amore, I need you to tell me your name." He took the gag out of my mouth to allow me to respond. I spat at him. He glared at me, while the blood that had been pooling in my mouth, dripped down my chin in a psychotic manner. [Mature content] 1st in #FemaleMainCharacter 26/09/19 1st in #Action-Romance 13/09/19 2nd in #seduction 16/08/19 1st in #Femmefatale 24/09/19 1st in #Italy 26/09/19 2nd in #MafiaPrincess 25/09/19 3rd in #Gangs 20/09/19 3rd in #Femme 26/09/19 2nd in #Assassin 28/09/19 1st in #violence 17/10/19 1st in #Comedy 09/10/19

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