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This is a spin-off from my first story a new little life. Don't feel like you have to read a new little life first, this story will stand on its own and make sense on its own. (Even though I recommend a new little life!) Koda, a young misunderstood teen ran away from all of his problems at home. Heading as far as the big city he decided to stay and work on a better life. Six months later he was in the exact same place as he started. Not a penny to his name or a roof over his head. He was another street rat. Mixing with low life's like himself he got hooked on pills and any other substances that gave him a high. Anything he could use to escape from his miserable reality. Koda got pretty good at begging, finding the perfect spot to sit and get peoples change. Police would always move him along after some time. One morning he was unaware of the mistake he was about to make. That mistake was sitting at the corner of multibillionaire Adrian Pennington's office building. As Mr. Pennington got out of his car that morning he hurriedly made his way into the building. Unfortunately he bumped straight into koda first. . He made eye contact with the scruffy young homeless boy, it was a moment for Adrian that he will never forget. This boy was going to be his own. What Adrian wants, Adrian gets.

A long day.

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by jellybabyjelly